The Cause Of White Circles On The Face?

Illustration of The Cause Of White Circles On The Face?
Illustration: The Cause Of White Circles On The Face?

Night … A few days ago while looking in the mirror, I saw a circle that was slightly lighter than the skin tone of my face. The color difference is more pronounced when I look at a distance away from the glass. Incidentally, there are some acne scars around him. Do acne scars have an effect or not and how can you cure them? thank you

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Hello Melisav,

Are there other complaints such as itching, numbness, numbness, and is the size getting bigger? Are there any previous injuries, for example after picking a pimple and then the skin being injured? White circles on the face can be caused by many things such as:

Post-inflammatory hypopigmentation: scars that are lighter than the surrounding skin, can also occur after chemical peels or lasers and the skin is exfoliated by the patient, after burns, abrasions, irritation, or previous infection
Ptyriasis alba: a type of eczema related to sun exposure and atopic eczema

If there are no other complaints and the circle is not getting bigger, you can wait until the skin color returns to evenly. You can do the following tips:

Use sunscreen in the early evening so that the surrounding skin does not get worse so the difference in skin color is not clearer
Use a moisturizer that suits your skin type
Use facial products that are gentle and hypoallergenic
For a while, camouflage can be done with cosmetics

If the white circle is also accompanied by other complaints such as itching, scaling, increasing size, or skin numbness and numbness, I suggest that you check with a dermatologist first so you can determine the cause first. If necessary, the doctor can perform a skin scraping test to determine the cause. Then the doctor can provide more optimal treatment according to the results of the examination and your skin condition.

Hope it can help you,

Thank you

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