The Cause Of White Spots Arise On The Skin?

Illustration of The Cause Of White Spots Arise On The Skin?
Illustration: The Cause Of White Spots Arise On The Skin?

, I’m indriani 23 years old Want to ask .. in the back of the thighs precisely under the buttocks white spots appear but not phlegm. starting only a little … I let it take so long there are many small ones there are big ones … slightly peeling skin … What happened ?? Is it allergic? This is not giving caladine lotin 3hri the color turns a little dark reddish … How do you …

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Hello Indriani,

Thank you for the question.

White spots on the body are often caused by tinea versicolor, but they can also be caused by other medical conditions depending on the shape of the white spots, where the appearance of spots, exposure to certain substances or clothing, and a history of other diseases which is owned.

Here are other causes of white spots on the back of the thigh to the buttocks:

Pytiriasis alba, usually influenced by allergic factors, eczema


You should not scratch the parts of the body that have skin disorders, because the risk of worsening such as widespread abnormalities in the skin, skin peeling or sores can occur, and also post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, ie skin that turns black / dark after an inflammatory process occurs the skin. Therefore, you should consult a dermatologist so that the doctor can dig up complaints, examine your skin disorders, and perform further treatments such as providing ointments that can treat the cause of your skin disorders, can be due to fungus (with antifungal) or because of eczema (with corticosteroids ).

To reduce these complaints, here are things you can do at home:

Using salicylic powder on the part that has abnormalities, such as buttocks.
Maintain cleanliness of the skin, shower 2 times a day.
Use clothes, especially underwear that is not too tight, not too thick, made from cotton, and absorbs sweat.
Bathing and changing clothes, especially underwear after doing activities that emit a lot of sweat.

Hope it helps and hopefully get well soon.


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