The Cause Often Feels Strange To Yourself?

Illustration of The Cause Often Feels Strange To Yourself?
Illustration: The Cause Often Feels Strange To Yourself?

Hey, introduce my name is Irfan, I’m a 19-year-old student. When I was in elementary school, my mind often blurted, which ended in my being often under pressure from my friends. When junior high and senior high, too, and even worse. And the peak when lately I feel weird and confused about myself, especially when I’m doing an activity (what am I doing right?), Then when I’m talking to my friends, I’m very difficult to concentrate and not focus on what is being discussed by my friend and also I find it very difficult to compose sentences while talking which then leads to my friends easily bored with me. I also do not have an interest in doing something, feel worthless, become very often forget about something. What should I do? Can my illness be completely cured? Honestly, I really want to live a normal life like other people in general.

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the discomfort you are experiencing.

Complaints that you submit do not rule out a symptom of a mental health disorder that needs to be evaluated directly by a doctor. It should be understood that the diagnosis of a psychiatric problem can only be made if a direct examination has been carried out by a doctor or psychiatric specialist.

So that your condition can be evaluated and treated appropriately, you are strongly advised to consult directly with your doctor or psychiatric specialist. The doctor will assess through the history process the history of perceived complaints and related biopsychosocial factors, comprehensive physical examination, and (if indicated) supporting investigations. The series of assessment processes will produce an assessment of your condition so the doctor can plan appropriate treatment.

To patients with mental health disorders, supportive psychotherapy can be given by doctors to help patients manage stress, identify symptoms, set realistic targets, and control themselves when complaints arise. This therapy is expected to help patients so that you can still be able to carry out daily activities optimally. If necessary, the doctor may also provide drugs that can help patients feel more comfortable and help overcome the disease.

Is a good marker that you are still able to recognize the feelings of discomfort that you experience until now trying to seek professional help. This shows that your insights are good enough so that the opportunity to be able to overcome this psychological problem can be more open.

As a suggestion, you should be able to talk about your complaints to the people closest to you who can be trusted and believed to support therapy. Support from people closest to you will greatly assist in successfully handling the problem. You are also encouraged to continue the activities that you enjoy doing so that you can channel your feelings through positive things.

Thus information from us. May be useful.

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