The Causes And Treatment Of Step Children Who Have Growth And Development Disorders?

Illustration of The Causes And Treatment Of Step Children Who Have Growth And Development Disorders?
Illustration: The Causes And Treatment Of Step Children Who Have Growth And Development Disorders?

Mmm … I have a little girl when I am 2 years old, because it’s hot. Thank you for the GST and don’t remember, finally, now I have a 6.5 year old … She can’t bs … bs build, can not, the sound is gone, how come the body is stiff, the upper lemes., if it does not have a stroke but the hands and feet can be affected … according to the doctor, can you smbhin or be normal again ???

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Hello Komang, Thank you for the question.

Step or febrile seizures are seizures that are triggered by a high fever and sudden, which usually occurs when the child has an infection or after receiving vaccinations. Febrile seizures commonly occur in children aged 6 months to 5 years. Febrile seizures are generally a harmless condition. In a febrile seizure, the child's hands and feet will be seen jerking, accompanied by eyes glaring upward and loss of consciousness. These symptoms will usually last for 2 minutes and after that the child will look confused or asleep.

Febrile seizures are divided into simple febrile seizures and complex febrile seizures. In simple febrile seizures, seizures last for a few seconds to 15 minutes, do not recur within 24 hours, and seizures occur throughout the body. In complex febrile seizures, seizures occur for 15 minutes or more or seizures occur repeatedly within 24 hours, and seizures are only seen in certain parts of the body.

What you need to know now is whether your child has a febrile seizure or this seizure is a symptom of an infection in the brain's lining (meningitis) or a brain infection (encephalitis) which is also accompanied by symptoms of fever. As mentioned above, a febrile seizure is a harmless condition and generally does not cause certain complications in brain function (such as cognitive impairment / learning disorders, memory disorders, body movement disorders, or other developmental disorders). However, if the condition causes complications in the form of a child's developmental disorder, then the possibility of seizures that occur when your child is 2 years old is not a febrile seizure but because of other conditions such as meningitis or encephalitis mentioned earlier, moreover you say that after the event the child loses consciousness until the next day. Complications in both of these conditions are brain damage which is generally difficult to cure, especially if you don't receive proper treatment.

Because the details about past events are unclear, I'm sorry I cannot provide more precise and clear information. The best step you can take at this time is to consult further with a pediatrician so that the doctor can get information about your child's condition before and now then do an examination on your child. The doctor will advise you and the next treatment for your child. The doctor can also provide further explanation about your child's condition if you still have further questions. Later on, if your child has a seizure then becomes unconscious or falls asleep even though the seizure has stopped or if the seizure that occurs is a complex febrile seizure, you should immediately take your child to the nearest hospital for a doctor's examination to avoid further health complications.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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