The Causes Are Often Imaginary And Speak For Themselves?

Illustration of The Causes Are Often Imaginary And Speak For Themselves?
Illustration: The Causes Are Often Imaginary And Speak For Themselves?

Hello doctor, I have a question. Why am I often not aware of myself, when I like to talk to myself and suddenly think of other things while talking to myself, even while eating or while driving or other things. I like to imagine things that are beyond my expectations as I want in the future. and sometimes suddenly I also cry thinking about things that never happened, they are just my shadows. also I like to get angry inside myself by imagining the wrong person. within myself I also feel alone. why can I be like that do I have a psychological disorder? thank you

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Hello Linda,

The existence of conditions often fantasizing or imagining something is one of the self-defense mechanisms, especially for someone who has a closed personality. Daydreaming can occur when the realities of life are not what you want.

Actually fantasizing can be a matter of course, but it can also be a nuisance. In this case, if you can still distinguish between fantasy and reality and you are not bothered by it, it is possible that the habit of imagining something / fantasizing can still be tolerated and is still within reasonable limits.

However, if you start to feel annoyed or there are problems in your social life because you often fantasize, cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, feel that you are talking to real people even though no one is talking to you, easily feel sad and cry, it is easy to become angry, then this condition could be a psychological disorder / mental disorder.

Some of the conditions that can cause this include:

Psychosis Schizophrenia Bipolar disorder depression You can do the following tips:

Increase social activities that relate to other people Try to think positively and open up to other people Do regular exercise Tell your problems to people you trust Get enough rest Do relaxation Manage stress well Avoid drugs and alcohol If you feel disturbed by your frequent condition imagining something and having difficulty distinguishing between fantasy and reality, I suggest that you consult directly with a psychiatrist so that they can be thoroughly examined about your condition. If needed, doctors can perform supporting examinations other than mental health examinations, for example with blood tests and CT scans to rule out other causes. Then the doctor will provide treatment for you according to your examination results.

Hope this helps,

Thank you

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