The Causes Of Pre-ejaculatory Fluid Are Few And Difficult To Come Out?

Illustration of The Causes Of Pre-ejaculatory Fluid Are Few And Difficult To Come Out?
Illustration: The Causes Of Pre-ejaculatory Fluid Are Few And Difficult To Come Out?

I am 18th, I find it difficult to remove the pre cum, even just a little out and dry quickly. Though from what I watched and from what I heard from my peers, they were very easy to issue pre cum, even with a little stimulation. I issued the pre cum was the result of my efforts to hold back ejaculation long enough to pre cum out of the sperm even though the quantity is small. Is there any solution? Because when I ejaculate with a little pre-sperm pre cum just like melting, when there is a pre-cum even though a little bit of sperm when ejaculation can be far and high up to the face. thanks.

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Precum fluid or pre-ejaculatory fluid is a clear liquid that normally comes out before ejaculation occurs, generally comes out when a man has been sexually stimulated. This fluid serves to neutralize the acidity in the urinary tract caused by urine, so that the sprema can survive well when ejaculated.

The amount of this liquid varies with each person, normally it can be in the form of a few drops to about one teaspoon, and there is nothing to worry about if the amount is small. If the amount of fluid that comes out is too much, until it is very 'wet' when there is little sexual stimulation, this should actually be consulted further with a doctor.

Regarding the slice, until now there has been no research on drugs to increase pre-ejaculatory fluid. However, to ensure your current situation, you can consult further with your doctor. Meanwhile, if you are sexually aroused, it is better not to masturbate / masturbation too often, but instead be diverted to other activities such as sports, so that the fluid-producing glands are not stimulated too often.

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