The Chances Of The Bilirubin Rising Again?

Illustration of The Chances Of The Bilirubin Rising Again?
Illustration: The Chances Of The Bilirubin Rising Again?

After light therapy at the hospital, is there any chance that the bilirubin will rise again? Given that bilirubin is caused by the liver not functioning properly. thanks.

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Hi Lollyluvly,

There is always the possibility that the child will experience another rise in bilirubin after undergoing light therapy.

Hyperbilirubinemia or in the community called jaundice (jaundice) is the result of a metabolic disorder of bilirubin which causes bilirubin that should be excreted through urine and feces to accumulate in the body. According to the cause this disease is divided into the following:

Physiological jaundice: this is a type of jaundice that is normal to experience 24 hours after the baby is born, usually goes away on its own after a week or two. Pathological jaundice: is a type of jaundice that is quite dangerous if not treated immediately, occurs <24 hours or> 7 days after birth. This condition can be caused by disorders of the liver, biliary atresia, blood disorders, rhesus incompatibility conditions, etc. jaundice related to the breastfeeding process (breastmilk jaundice and breastfeeding jaundice). handle your child. Ask for advice regarding proper treatment and prevention so that your child's bilirubin levels do not rise again.

It is advisable to be careful and immediately take your child to the doctor if the following symptoms occur: The baby looks increasingly yellow (visible in the eyes, skin in the neck area, stomach, hands to feet), fever, fussy, cry with a shrill voice or the baby looks limp , many are silent, difficult to wake up, do not want to drink breast milk. If the bilirubin level is too high, serious complications can occur in the form of bilirubin encephalopathy.

Here's a suggestion for you:

Give your baby breast milk regularly every 2-3 hours (except in conditions where the mother's milk is small or in cases of jaundice that arise due to breast milk, in this case the doctor may recommend giving formula milk as an addition / replacement) Routinely drying the child under the morning sun (recommended around 7-8 am) with the child blindfolded using an eye patch. Pay attention to drying the child is not too long, just about 15 minutes. Carry out routine controls in accordance with the instructions of the pediatrician who handles your baby. May be useful

Greetings, dr. Budiono

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