The Characteristics Of A Blighted Ovum Pregnancy?

Illustration of The Characteristics Of A Blighted Ovum Pregnancy?
Illustration: The Characteristics Of A Blighted Ovum Pregnancy?

Good afternoon, I’m dias. how do I know BO pregnancy, because I am not menstruating regularly, HPHT 10 October 2018, November 24, I tested positive results. But when I was ultrasound, it didn’t look anything. I came again 4 weeks later 22 dec 2018, and declared 6-7 weeks but only just detected bags. I am worried that I am pregnant with BO, because now I feel no more pain in my breasts, because my menstrual history is also irregular. I wonder if I might be pregnant with BO but there aren’t any signs of spots. I wonder when I can ultrasound again?

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Hello Radinazih, Thank you for the question.

Blighted ovum (BO) is a pregnancy condition that does not contain an embryo even though fertilization has occurred. BO occurs due to chromosomal abnormalities when the embryo develops. This condition is one of the causes of miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy. A woman who has BO will experience the same symptoms as a normal pregnancy such as nausea, late menstruation, breast tenderness, and pregnancy tests that show positive results. However, in its development, the woman will experience bleeding from the vagina and stomach cramps. To determine whether you have BO, an ultrasound examination by a doctor is needed to see whether there is an embryo in the pregnancy bag or not. BO cannot be ascertained only by knowing the symptoms you feel. You should go back to the obstetrician in accordance with the doctor's recommendations. Usually the doctor will recommend to repeat the ultrasound for at least the next 2 weeks. Please discuss further with the doctor who examined you.

If it is proven BO, the doctor will recommend the removal of this pregnancy bag using drugs or curettage. BO in general only happens once, however, this condition cannot be prevented. Women who have BO will be able to have a normal pregnancy in the next pregnancy but doctors usually advise waiting 1-3 menstrual cycles before re-planning the pregnancy. Please discuss further with your obstetrician.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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