The Characteristics Of A Sosipat

Illustration of The Characteristics Of A Sosipat
Illustration: The Characteristics Of A Sosipat

My friend always yells at me as a Sociopath. One of the articles that I read said that people who have this disorder usually have symptoms before they turn 15 years old. I am a teenage girl who is only 16 years old. When I read the explanations and symptoms in this article about Sociopath’s disorder and then compared it with my behavior, I got several things in common, ranging from manipulative and impulsive behavior, antisocial, I was also not too friendly to people around me, my friends also considered me irresponsible, not caring, not often but I have broken the law and also a little aggressive because honestly I am a little quiet. What does that mean I am a Sociopath? Then, is a sociopath dangerous? it’s just my opinion because my friends always avoid me. Ah also my friend once called me a psychopath, is a Sociopath potentially able to become a psychopath? I mean, is Sociopath the same as a psychopath?

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Hi Nara, thank you for asking the team.

Sociopath is a term that refers to antisocial behavior and attitude in a person. The cause of sociopaths is not known with certainty. Sociopaths are different from psychopaths. A sociopath generally shows more deviant behavior and moral perceptions, while psychopaths have a tendency to be cold or not care about others.

Here are some characteristics of a sociopath:

No matter the rights of others, social norms or the rule of law.
Do not feel remorse, shame, and guilt.
Tend to feel nervous, easily distracted and ignited emotions.
Difficulty staying in a job or a place for a long period of time.
Difficulties to make plans in life.
Do not care about other people
Difficulty in feeling empathy and compassion.
Impulsive, or difficult to control the urge to do something.
Always ignoring what is right and wrong, often lying, stealing, cheating people, and manipulative.

To ascertain whether a person can be said to be a sociopath, a psychological examination is needed from a psychologist or psychiatrist. You cannot say that you are a sociopath right away without an examination by a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

Read this article further: SOSIOPAT

Thank you, hope that helps.

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