The Characteristics Of Blood Cancer Symptoms?

Illustration of The Characteristics Of Blood Cancer Symptoms?
Illustration: The Characteristics Of Blood Cancer Symptoms?

Hello. I remember asking? I often often feel sore throat but if I just go back. And my chest also likes to hurt, what if I feel tired when I feel tired. I also often feel sick in my head. That’s what blood cancer symptoms mean.

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The symptoms you mentioned actually do not lead to one particular disease and also are not symptoms of blood cancer (leukemia). Symptoms of leukemia include:

frequent recurring fever or chills
weakness and excessive fatigue that persists / occurs continuously
frequent infections or severe infections
weight loss without effort (without diet or exercise)
enlarged lymph nodes
enlarged liver or spleen
spontaneous bleeding such as nosebleeds, or petekie on the skin
night sweats
pain in the bones

You should explain more specifically:

When exactly have you had a sore throat and how often have you had that sore throat?
What part of the chest do you feel pain and how are the characteristics of the pain? When exactly did you experience chest pain? Is there anything that aggravates or alleviates symptoms? Are there shortness of breath or other symptoms too?
How often do you experience headaches and since when do these symptoms start happening often? How do you feel about the headache? Is there anything that triggers or relieves your headache symptoms? Are there any neurological symptoms that accompany, for example impaired vision, hearing loss, motor or sensory disorders, loss of consciousness, etc.?

We recommend that you do a visit to the doctor directly if indeed these symptoms interfere with your daily activities.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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