The Characteristics Of Brain Cancer Symptoms?

Illustration of The Characteristics Of Brain Cancer Symptoms?
Illustration: The Characteristics Of Brain Cancer Symptoms?

I want to ask, based on several articles that I read about the symptoms of brain cancer, one of which mentions only being able to look straight ahead. What does that mean? Please explain. Thank you

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Cancer or brain tumors can control and take up space, blood and nutrients that should be part of healthy brain cells. Symptoms of brain cancer can vary depending on the location and size and development of the cancer.

Symptoms can occur due to tumors pressing other parts of the brain so that it interferes with its function, or tumors that grow so that it fills the space in the head cavity.

Symptoms that often occur in people with brain cancer are:

More frequent recurring headaches Uncomfortable feeling often drowsiness Seizures Complaints disorders Nausea and vomiting Fever without cause Impaired consciousness To answer your question, it can mean several possibilities, due to the suppression of nerve parts in the movement of the eyeball so that eye movement is ineffective or other possibilities due to adnaya suppression of the eye nerve so that the field of vision narrows.

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