The Characteristics Of Experiencing Gaming Disorder?

Illustration of The Characteristics Of Experiencing Gaming Disorder?
Illustration: The Characteristics Of Experiencing Gaming Disorder?

Hello, good evening, Mr. Mother doctor. Look, there are a few things I want to ask.

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According to WHO (world health organization), gaming disorder is a behavior pattern in playing games (digital gaming or video gaming) which is characterized by loss of self-control over the game being performed, excessive attention is paid to games that are done more than daily activities. or other activities that were previously preferred. Gaming disorder can also be pinned on those who still emphasize playing games even though they have experienced negative consequences because of it.

Not everyone who is addicted to playing games can be categorized as a gaming disorder sufferer. To establish this diagnosis, an in-depth psychiatric interview with the patient is needed to assess the extent to which this condition affects the overall functioning of his life. In general, gaming disorder will only be diagnosed if the conditions mentioned above are so significant that they interfere with the patient's personal, social, educational, work and other important functions. Usually, new treatment will be carried out if the complaint persists for at least 12 consecutive months.

Regarding the character in the novel that you mentioned, it is possible that this character has a gaming disorder. However, as explained above, this diagnosis can only be confirmed after a direct examination by an expert, namely a psychiatrist or psychiatric specialist.

Gaming disorder is a new disorder included in the WHO International Classification of Diseases (ICD). Therefore, it is very natural that the literature that discusses this matter is still very minimal.

You need to know, the site was designed with the aim of providing information and health consultations for the public. Therefore, you cannot make this site a reference for the preparation of scientific papers or theses. Our advice, you can try to find literature related to this gaming disorder in scientific journals or medical books, especially in the field of psychiatry. Or, you can also consult directly with a psychiatrist at the nearest health facility.

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