The Characteristics Of Leukocytosis.?

Illustration of The Characteristics Of Leukocytosis.?
Illustration: The Characteristics Of Leukocytosis.?

I want to ask before I was sick and after checking it turned out that the excess white blood cell levels were 15,000. Now I like to suddenly have a fever, dizziness, weakness, and lately I am indeed under stress, is this leukocytosis or not?

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Leukocytes or white blood cells are cells in the blood that function to fight infection and several other conditions. An increase in the number of leukocytes in the blood is called leukocytosis caused by several conditions. Leukolocytosis is classified as an adult if the leukocyte value exceeds 10000 / ul.

Symptoms of leukocytosis depend on the underlying cause, for example:
1. Fever and pain or accompanying symptoms according to the location of the infected organ.
2. Fever, bruises, decreased body weight, night sweats on the condition of blood malignancy.
3. Itching, rashes, bumps on allergic skin conditions.
4. Respiratory disturbances and additional breath sounds in allergic reaction conditions in the lungs.
5. Specific symptoms may not be found if caused by stress conditions.

Treatment for leukocytosis is also based on the underlying cause based on symptoms and direct physical examination by a doctor. If you currently have a fever for more than 3 days, you should do an examination with a doctor for evaluation.

To prevent such conditions in the future you should consider the following:
1. Familiarize a healthy lifestyle for example always washing hands with soap to prevent infection
2. Stay away from all kinds of things that you know can trigger allergic reactions
3. Do not smoke
4. Take medications if you are known to have an infection or inflammation from the examination
5. Reducing stress and anxiety levels

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