The Characteristics Of People Who Experience Psychiatric Disorders

Doc, I’m very sensitive, emotional, angry, and sometimes hallucinating. I also hate being betrayed. I also had the intention of suicide. Can I be said to have psychiatric disorders?

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Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

The condition that you experience can be related to psychological conditions which can be caused by triggers such as disappointing events, conditions that are facing problems. But it can also be a condition of psychiatric disorders such as

Depression is usually a great sadness can reach the condition of intent on suicide
Delusions usually arise hallucinations and beliefs that something that is actually not real
Anxious personality disorder

This you try to overcome in a way

Avoid things that trigger
The problem that you are experiencing should tell the person you trust
Fill your time with things you like or enjoy doing
Positive thinking
Get close to God and pray a lot

If you have suicidal ideation and it also interferes with your daily activities, you should immediately consult a psychiatrist so that it can be addressed appropriately

Thus information may be useful

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