The Characteristics Of People With MDR TB?

Congratulations mlm … 7 years ago I had a fluid from the lungs, said a lung infection. Then last week I checked phlegm in the health center stated positive lung tuberculosis … so I want to ask if I am a patient of TB mdr …… thank you

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Hello Alboin, thank you for asking.

The process of removing fluid from the lungs is done when there is a buildup of excess fluid in the lung wall (called an effusion). There are so many things that can cause an effusion, such as a lung infection, lung injury, or lung tumor. When a person experiences an effusion and is declared to have a lung infection, it does not necessarily mean pulmonary TB infection.

Many other types of infections that can cause effusion. You need to explain, whether 7 years ago you were diagnosed with pulmonary TB infection and whether you underwent complete treatment. If 7 years ago you had completed TB treatment and were declared cured, but now you are positive for TB, then you are a relapsed (recurring) TB case not MDR TB.

MDR TB occurs if you are positive for pulmonary tuberculosis, have undergone treatment according to the specified time period, but the examination found the infection does not decrease.

The thing that you have to do right now is, consult with a lung doctor in detail. If necessary, the doctor will conduct another test to confirm the diagnosis of tuberculosis. For example with TB PCR test or with MRI. The treatment will be adjusted to the doctor's diagnosis.

In the meantime, you try to wear a mask when in public spaces. This is to avoid transmission to other people.

Hopefully this answer can help. Regards.

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