The Characteristics Of Schizophrenics?

Illustration of The Characteristics Of Schizophrenics?
Illustration: The Characteristics Of Schizophrenics?

Hello doctor, I often undergo 1.Every time I interact with many people in the peace I feel at, but when I am alone, I often cry suddenly and regret being in such a large crowd and interacting with many people. I am afraid of having relationships with people who if they want to be serious with me, I always describe the pain of the past as if I have experienced a very deep broken heart but even though I never but I always think I have, every friend of mine confides about my relationship feel as if I have experienced 3. I have several times conducted self-indulgence due to depression, when I feel stressed I always look for an empty place to calm myself, when I am depressed and cry then many people surround me even giving me support instead it even adds to my depression

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Hello Saharia, thank you for asking with

We are also sorry for the problem you are having. Before you can help answer your complaint, your doctor needs additional information such as how old you are, how long have you felt the complaint, have hallucinations ever appeared, feared that someone was lurking or being chased or other symptoms

Some possible causes of your mother are:

Bipolar disorder
Anxiety disorders generally
Schizoaffective disorder
Disturbed personality
Drug side effects

Schizophrenia Disorder is a chronic disorder that causes sufferers to experience hallucinations, delusions or delusions, thinking and behavior disorders that can interfere with the ability to carry out daily activities. To determine that someone suffering from schizophrenia usually has symptoms or disorders that last for a minimum of 6 months and should be done by trained medical personnel, then you should be able to consult with a psychiatrist. The doctor requires a deeper interview or other appropriate physical examination. If it is proven to be suffering from schizophrenia or other disorders, then your doctor will probably do psychotherapy or drug therapy to help your mother's complaints.

Try to tell others how you feel
Stop negative thoughts and try to be grateful
Do activities or hobbies that you like
Exercise regularly
Eat healthy foods and balanced nutrition
Avoid sleeping too late and have good sleep patterns or habits
Reduce alcohol or cigarette consumption
Hopefully this information can be useful for you. thank you

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