The Chest Feels Tight

Illustration of The Chest Feels Tight
Illustration: The Chest Feels Tight

Hello doc, I have complaints of chest tightness, and it is difficult to breathe every night and cold, each of my chest is tight, I cough a little, because like there is mucus in my chest when tightness, I have a history of stomach acid, is it possible because of the dock? Please solution and cause the doctor

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O Goddess,

The emergence of complaints of shortness of breath and difficulty breathing at night or in cold conditions that often occur since childhood is most likely related to allergic cough or asthma. Because you have a history of acid reflux disease, your complaint can also be triggered by LERD (laryngo esophageal reflux disease), this condition is caused by exposure to stomach acid in the larynx (respiratory tract located in the throat).

However, a direct examination is needed first to ascertain the cause of your complaint so you should see a doctor if the complaint persists, is very disturbing or makes you worry.

The doctor will ask for a history of your complaints, do a physical examination or supporting examinations such as spirometry, x-rays or allergy tests. If the complaint is triggered by asthma, the doctor can prescribe bronchodilators such as salbutamol or inhaled albuterol and drugs to reduce the recurrence of the complaint. If the complaint is caused by LERD, your doctor may prescribe a stomach acid-lowering drug to help resolve your complaint.

The following recommendations for you:

Avoid conditions that can trigger complaints
Manage stress wisely
Get enough rest
Immediately consult a doctor if complaints persist or aggravate

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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