The Chest Looks Like It’s Blocked When You Take A Deep Breath, Dizzy And Dry Cough?

Illustration of The Chest Looks Like It’s Blocked When You Take A Deep Breath, Dizzy And Dry Cough?
Illustration: The Chest Looks Like It’s Blocked When You Take A Deep Breath, Dizzy And Dry Cough?

Hello … I’m Chris 28 years old. I work on a coal ship. I’m an active smoker. I want to ask since this morning (March 25, 20) I want to breathe, chest length, like something is blocked, my head is a bit dizzy, my cough is dry my stomach feels a little like air bubbles … Chronology 2 days yesterday (23 March) I work at a place who beats (coal) without wearing a mask, and yesterday (24 March) in the morning the body is exposed to rain (not rinse immediately) and late to eat (eat later in the evening and not eat) also can not sleep all night .. at check temperature body 34.2 u0026deg; C, does not feel a fever, Approximately, where is the problem? What does it have to do with covid19?

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Hello Chris

Thank you for asking

I understand the concerns that you are experiencing, especially now that you are epidemic of the corona virus that must be alerted, but don't panic about dealing with all our ailments with this condition, because there are many other possible causes that must be examined first to find out the cause.

there are several possible causes that you experience between:

 flu allergy / asthma anemia disorders in stomach acid carbon monoxide poisoning lung infections: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, tuberculosis heart problems are so many possible causes that you experience let alone you work at risk like this which are exposed to dust that can continue causes irritation to your respiratory tract. There are several things you can do:

 use protective equipment such as a mask when working to avoid the trigger factors that experience your complaints avoid eating late, and spicy, acidic and high-fat foods, avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol and avoid smoking or cigarette smoke you should take a break first if it hurts let alone the outbreak of this virus You can ask for permission with your boss be diligent to wash your hands enough rest and avoid stress You can consume vitamins for endurance consume lots of water at least 2 liters a day when you experience shortness of breath you can do some of these tips too

 rest like sitting with the body leaning forward standing by leaning back sitting by leaning the head of the shirt doing diaphragmatic breathing: you need to sit in a chair with your knees bent and your shoulders, head and neck relaxed. Put your hands on your stomach then inhale slowly through your nose. If you feel the stomach moving under the hand. when you exhale, tighten your muscles, and make sure your stomach feels inward. When you feel the movement of the stomach means that the diaphragmatic breathing is successful. After that, exhale through the mouth with pursed lips, then repeat for about five minutes. If you have done the above but your complaints do not improve you are getting more short of breath or difficulty breathing even when not doing your activities you can immediately bring yourself to the doctor for an examination.

Thus the info I can give

thank you

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