The Child Cries Not Tears, Spasms And Foamy Mouth?

Illustration of The Child Cries Not Tears, Spasms And Foamy Mouth?
Illustration: The Child Cries Not Tears, Spasms And Foamy Mouth?

I want to ask why my friend’s child if tears do not come out tears after that like seizures to release foam in his mouth what are the symptoms of what disease, thank you for the response

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Hello Marfhel,

Thank you for the question.

Not tears when crying is not always a disorder. Tears will usually come out when the baby cries if you feel sad. If this cry is done just to get attention, naturally it will not come out naturally. In rare cases, it can also be eyes that do not shed tears when crying indicates the baby has certain diseases, such as xerophthalmia, scleroderma, lack of vitamin A, thyroid gland abnormalities, tear gland damage (for example due to inflammation or radiation), side effects of drugs or laser therapy in the eye, and so on. Exposure to wind, smoke, dry air, entropion, ectropion, and many other factors can also cause reduced tear production.

As for infants who are often seizures to remove foam from their mouths, there can be many possible causes, such as febrile seizures, epilepsy, bleeding in the head, metabolic disorders, infections of the brain, spinal cord, or wrapping membranes, brain tumors, and so on. This condition is not always related to the crying process experienced by babies before.

The good, the baby is examined directly to the doctor or pediatrician to be evaluated more deeply the possible causes of the complaint. Blood tests, brain records, x-rays, CT scans, or maybe other supporting tests doctors can do so they can give him the right treatment.

In the meantime, do it first:

Protect your baby from exposure to smoke, wind, dry air and other foreign objects in the eye
Give the baby enough milk, and a healthy, nutritionally rich diet (especially rich in vitamin A)
Do not let the baby rub his eyes excessively
Diligently wash baby's hands and shorten their nails so they do not cause inflammation when touching eyes
Do not carelessly give the baby medicine
Identify what often triggers the baby spasms, note it, and avoid the trigger as much as possible

Hope this helps ...

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