The Child Does Not Have Nuva Or Antung Antung?

Illustration of The Child Does Not Have Nuva Or Antung Antung?
Illustration: The Child Does Not Have Nuva Or Antung Antung?

Asslamulaikum Wr Wb The doctors are blessed by Allah. I want to ask, my niece from birth did not have Nuva or Antung Antung in her hanging mouth, so at the moment my niece has difficulty speaking (her speech is unclear). When eating or drinking also like trouble because the food or drink sometimes gets into his nose and snot. Most of the drinks always come out through the nose like snot. So that until now he always has a runny nose. More than 3 years old. Can it be operated or what? To overcome this problem? Thank you

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at We are also sorry for what happened to your niece. The term antung you mentioned, most likely is something called uvula and for the truth or not you can be sure by looking at the picture below.

Uvula has a role in swallowing food and prevent it from entering the nasal cavity, and also helps in the process of speaking. Uvula formation is not a very rare condition and so far no treatment can be done to reshape it. The cause is suspected due to genetic disorders, but the cause of genetic disorders is still unclear. But on the other hand, there are actually conditions that cause a person to be taken uvulanya, so that his absence does not necessarily disrupt a person's life significantly. Even so, our advice is that you should still check your nephew with your pediatrician first, to ensure his condition and make sure no information is missed.

In addition, it needs to be seen again, whether the condition experienced by your niece is just no uvulula, or also perforated palate, which in medical terms is called palatoscisis condition as in the picture below. This condition is caused by genetic disorders and the risk will increase in those who have a family history of similar complaints, mothers who have a history of exposure to certain substances during pregnancy, mothers who have diabetes and have excess body weight during pregnancy.

If this is the case, then this condition is handled and it is in the form of surgery. This surgery requires collaboration by various specialists such as ENT doctors, oral surgeons and pediatricians, but for the first time you can check with a pediatric surgeon first. If you have difficulty finding a pediatric surgeon, you can look for a surgeon or ENT doctor. With its age of 3 years, surgery can be carried out immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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