The Child Has A Fever After Experiencing A Blow To The Forehead?

Illustration of The Child Has A Fever After Experiencing A Blow To The Forehead?
Illustration: The Child Has A Fever After Experiencing A Blow To The Forehead?

Tonight, I want to ask. R nI have a child aged 4.5 years, coincidentally that afternoon my child entrusted my child to his grandmother, because my child was so active playing, until he fell and his forehead hit the asphalt, the bump on his forehead was also quite large ,, r nThat afternoon after the fall my child told me to sleep, and woke up hot, I brought the doctor home, after taking paracetamol the morning was a bit better, and still active until the afternoon, r nBut the night was hot again ,, r nFear of what is wrong, r nWouldn’t think that the danger would be y … r nWhether that heat is a side effect of the lump. r nThank you in advance.

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Hello Pujita

Thank you for using consulting services;

I understand your concern. A child who falls is the thing most feared by parents who still have toddlers. Falling can result in minor, moderate to severe injury. The most feared thing is when there is an injury to the head of a toddler. You need to re-evaluate how your child's history of falls has been experienced. What is the position of the body when falling, especially the position of the head. You don't need to worry if after a fall, your child doesn't show any symptoms and can return to activity even if you get bruises on the body. What you need to be aware of, if you find the following symptoms that can be found in the first 24 hours after falling, include:


Nauseous vomit

Headache characterized by a child who is fussy and looks in pain


Loss of consciousness

Fever> 40 degrees Celsius

If you find these symptoms, immediately consult the nearest doctor. The doctor will perform appropriate examinations and treatment if any of these symptoms are found.

Regarding the fever experienced after falling, it needs to be clarified again, what is the temperature of the fever. Normal body temperature as measured by a body thermometer in the armpit area ranges from 36.5 - 37.5 degrees Celsius. Fever in children can be associated with post-fall effects or not associated with post-fall events. May be associated with post-fall events in response to pain after trauma has occurred. However, other factors such as viral, bacterial, fungal infections, ARI (upper respiratory tract infection), dengue fever, and the influence of hot environmental factors can also influence the occurrence of fever. Therefore, always make sure you have a fever by measuring it using a thermometer and re-evaluating what causes it. Things that can be done to help reduce fever in children after falling at home include:

Warm compresses of water in the folds of the body (neck, armpits, groin)

Give clothes that are loose and comfortable

Provide a blanket that is not thick

Treat wounds if present

Drink more

Heat-lowering drugs such as paracetamol are the last option if non-medical treatment does not help in reducing fever

You don't need to worry, fever is not something that is dangerous. Fever is a natural mechanism created by the body itself when the body feels something is abnormal. Immediately consult a doctor directly if the fever occurs for more than 3 days and the temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius.

So much information from me, hope it helps

dr. Fitria Ayu

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