The Child Suddenly Vomits?

Illustration of The Child Suddenly Vomits?
Illustration: The Child Suddenly Vomits?

, my child suddenly vomited, until it was yellow, but the last food he ate there was no vomiting, only liquid. Why yes, what medicine should I give first

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Hello Kiki, thank you for asking with the team.

Vomiting in children can be caused by the following things, including:

- Gastroenteritis. Conditions where infection or inflammation in the walls of the digestive tract, especially the stomach and intestines, causing the main complaints in the form of vomiting and diarrhea.

- Food allergies.

- Food poisoning

- Children accidentally ingest toxic substances, such as drugs, chemicals, or food and beverages that are contaminated.

Here are things you can do at home to reduce complaints: continue to give children drink water to avoid dehydration, you can also provide electrolyte fluids such as ORS, and meet the nutritional needs of children. For the administration of drugs to children, you should consult with your doctor first, you should avoid buying nausea-suppressing drugs that are sold freely in drug stores or pharmacies.

If your child experiences complaints such as high fever, symptoms of dehydration (dry mouth, thirst, sunken eyes, no tears when crying), vomiting blood, bloody bowel movements then immediately take your child to the doctor.

You can read this article further, yes: How to deal with vomiting in children

Thank you, I hope this helps you.

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