The Child’s Eyes Discharge?

Illustration of The Child’s Eyes Discharge?
Illustration: The Child’s Eyes Discharge?

I have a new child who is one week old, now my son’s left eye continues to discharge and is greenish yellow in color, is that okay?

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Hello Annisa, thank you for the question.

Eye discharge is a disorder that can be caused by the presence of foreign objects that enter the eye, and can also be caused by other bodily disorders, such as infection, allergies, irritation or damage to the eye. This condition must be cleaned properly, because if allowed to accumulate in the eyes, it can cause problems such as eye irritation, difficulty opening the eyes, to eye infections and vision problems.

In infants, the eyes that discharge continuously are common, usually this is due to delayed development and opening of the tear ducts. This condition generally goes away on its own when the baby is 6-12 months old, and at this time it is advisable to regularly clean your baby's eye discharge. How to clean eye discharge in babies safely can be read in the following article: What You Need To Know About Baby Eyes.

However, also be aware of the conditions as below:

Lots of eye discharge, yellowish and greenish in color. Reddish in the eye can also be swollen and accompanied by a lot of tears. The behavior of your child who cries continuously, looks in pain, holds or rubs his eyes continuously, has difficulty opening his eyes (usually it can be related to the amount of accumulated and sticky eye discharge), the child responds to light by looking sick or crying, a lump appears in the eye, or the middle of the eye that should be black to whitish or yellowish These signs can be caused by these conditions:

Conjunctivitis or inflammation of the conjunctiva, can be caused by viral and bacterial infections Uveitis or infection of the uvea Iritis or inflammation and infection of the iris Glaucoma Trauma to the eye, such as exposure to foreign bodies that are left untreated and not treated promptly. Corneal ulcers, scar formation or injury to the cornea which causes the cornea to become infected and form pus in the cornea. Immediately consult your child to the nearest eye doctor, Annisa, so that the cause can be found and handled carefully.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Otniel Budi Krisetya

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