The Child’s Heat Does Not Go Down Even Though He Already Took Paracetamol?

Tonight Doctor. My child is at the hospital. Why does the heat continue to be so high even though taking medication to reduce fever every 4 hours … sometimes it subsides sometimes it is high heat. I wonder how ?

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Fever that does not improve can be caused by several things:

- Dengue fever

- Typhoid / Typhus

- There is an infection of the ear

- Sinusitis

- Infections of the digestive tract

- and others.

If your child's fever complaints do not improve, you should check again with your doctor. Doctors can conduct interviews, physical examinations, and additional examinations (lab examinations, x-rays, etc.) if needed.

Here you can do at home to reduce fever in children: use warm water compresses on the child's forehead, avoid using thick clothes on children, give children good nutrition, maintain a comfortable room temperature for children, take a bath with warm water, give a liquid enough for children.

Thank you, hope that helps.

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