The Child’s Thumb Is Injured From Being Sucked?

Illustration of The Child’s Thumb Is Injured From Being Sucked?
Illustration: The Child’s Thumb Is Injured From Being Sucked?

Hello doctor, my child is 1 year old this month, every time he wants to sleep he likes to suck his left thumb, when he sucks his thumb he sleeps soundly, but until the back of his thumb is injured and there is a split, my child’s habit is natural or dangerous, right? What is the treatment for the thumb? I once dabbed with crocodile lida, but still sucked on the thumb. If you want to pull it out, sorry to worry about not being able to sleep well, please explain, thank you

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Hi Inayah,

Thank you for asking

According to Sigmund Freud, human psychosexual development is divided into several phases, one of which is the oral phase. In this phase, the points of human satisfaction and comfort are located in the lips and mouth area. This condition can make the baby often insert and suck anything into his mouth, including the fingers. This oral phase appears predominantly when a newborn is born until he is around 2 or 3 years old.

The habit of your child chewing his fingers while going to bed could be a natural thing. However, if this action is done excessively, of course the fingers can get injured and irritated. The condition of the fingers that are moist due to frequent sucking also facilitates infection which can make the skin feel itchy, reddish, swollen, peeling, watery rashes, pus, or a variety of other complaints. Furthermore, if the cleanliness of these fingers is not maintained properly, your baby can ingest pathogenic (disease-causing) microorganisms or other harmful substances so that they experience infection or poisoning in their digestive tract. Allowing this to drag on can also make your child get used to it until it ends up being "addicted" and having trouble sleeping if you don't do these activities.

You should treat your child's finger skin wounds by regularly washing their hands regularly. You can clean the wound with running water without the need to use any medicine or solution, then dry it well. In general, small wounds will heal on their own as long as they are kept clean.

Also invite your child to talk, give him understanding to stop the habit for his own good. You can cover the fingers using gloves or tape so that the child no longer wants to suck on them. Divert your child's urge to suck fingers by breastfeeding or humming a comfortable lullaby. Give him compliments when you get rid of the habit. It can't be sudden, but if you do this method consistently, the child will slowly understand and stop the habit.

If the wound on your child's finger doesn't heal within 1 to 3 days, or signs of infection appear, as mentioned above, don't hesitate to have it checked directly to a doctor or pediatrician.

I hope this helps.

dr. NAdia Nurotul Fuadah

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