The Correct Dose Of Zinc For Children Aged 8 Months?

, my child is 8 months old, take the zinc pill one day or so?

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Zinc is a trace element (an element / mineral that the body needs in very small amounts but is very important for health). Zinc is known to play a major role in various processes in the body, including maintaining the body's immune system, regulation / assisting cell growth, as well as regulation / regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and some studies have even linked it to fertility.

In the context of zinc administration as medicine / therapy in children, zinc is most often given to diarrhea conditions of children and toddlers because various studies / studies have proven that zinc supplementation is able to shorten the duration of diarrhea in children and even provides a protective effect against the incidence of diarrhea until weeks / months after discontinuation of supplementation.

In the context of diarrhea management, generally children under 6 months will be given zinc supplementation 10 mg daily and over 6 months 20 mg daily or according to your doctor's instructions and advice.

zinc sulphate

the benefits of zinc in children's diarrhea

That is what I can say, hopefully this is useful.

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