The Correct Way To Take Birth Control Pills?

Slmt mlm, I want to ask the month I took the kb yazz pills after running out I had trouble finding the kb yazz pills finally I bought the kb diane 35 pills now it’s been 3 days the diane pills have run out but how come it’s still not menstruating while I’ve bought kb pills yazz again questions me when should I take the next kb pill. What are you waiting for first menstruation? Thanks before

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Both types of birth control pills that you take contain an active ingredient combination of synthetic estrogen and progesterone hormones. These two pills prevent pregnancy by preventing ovulation (rupture of a mature egg), thickening cervical mucus, and also inhibiting the implantation process (implantation of the fertilized product into the uterine wall).

What is different from these two types of pills is that some contain 21 pills in each blister (Diane 35 Pill) and some contain 28 pills in each blister (Yaz Pill). The 21 birth control pills contain only active pills (pills that are yellow, contain hormones). Meanwhile, the 28 birth control pills contain active pills as well as placebo pills (pills that are white, contain flour or sugar).

When taking the birth control pill, which is 21 pills, you are required to take 1 tablet regularly at the same time every day until it runs out, then take a day off (not taking birth control pills) for 7 days, then take the birth control pill again from a new blister. so on. Meanwhile, when you take 28 birth control pills, you are required to take them regularly every day from active pills until they run out, followed by placebo pills until they run out, then immediately re-consume active pills from a new blister (without holidays), and so on. .

One thing that needs to be considered, which often becomes a mistake, is that the consumption of birth control pills is carried out continuously, regardless of menstrual schedule. So, even if you haven't had your period, keep taking birth control pills as usual with the rules as mentioned above. So, there is no need to wait for menstruation first. The correct consumption of birth control pills will support the success of the pregnancy planning program. Undisciplined consumption of birth control pills has the potential to cause unwanted pregnancies.

Therefore, before deciding to use any type of contraception (including birth control pills), you should check with your doctor first. In addition to finding out whether you are the right candidate or not using birth control pills, this examination is also important so you can find out. how to take birth control pills properly from the doctor who examined you.

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dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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