The Cost Of Therapy For Patients Who Are Positive For COVID-19

Illustration of The Cost Of Therapy For Patients Who Are Positive For COVID-19
Illustration: The Cost Of Therapy For Patients Who Are Positive For COVID-19

I want to ask the doc if someone has a corona virus, then he doesn’t have money for test fees, is he affected by corona or not? After that if it is stated positive and he does not have money for hospital fees? What about the patient, do you leave it docked or is there any treatment from patients who do not have these costs, thank you doc

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Hello Hasto Widodo Wicaksono,

Covid-19 (corona virus disease) is a disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus infection (the newest strain of corona virus). To confirm that someone has the disease requires RT-PCR examination of samples obtained from the results of respiratory tract swabs (eg throat). Due to the limited number of laboratories that are able to do the examination, the number of tools, and laboratory personnel who are able to do it per day, the examination is prioritized for patients with the following symptoms:

Fever> 38 degrees Celsius + one of the symptoms of respiratory cough, sore throat, runny nose, symptoms of mild-severe pneumonia
AND there are no other causes that correspond to the manifestations of these symptoms
AND in the last 14 days there was a history of traveling or living in an area with local transmission OR there was a history of close contact with Covid-19 patients or suspected Covid-19

Patients can call the hotline 119 ext 9 or 112 or the special hotline number Covid-19 that has been signed by the local government. Patients who are from Covid-19 risk analysis (symptoms and epidemiology) by officers or from the results of medical examinations are included in the criteria will be fully borne by the government, so that patients do not incur examination costs.

Now there is already a rapid test / rapid examination of Covid-19 that uses blood samples (usually pierced in the finger). This rapid test generally detects antibodies produced by the body against the virus that causes Covid-19. This rapid test is suitable for screening because the results are fast and accurate enough to be 95% positive if it really is Covid-19. However, because the antibodies are detected, if the examination is done too early (newly infected / exposed to a virus), the antibody levels that are formed are not high enough to give positive results, so the results of rapid tests can be false negative. False negatives can also be found in patients with impaired immunity so that the number of antibodies formed is not optimal.

If the rapid test results are positive, a confirmation check is needed with RT-PCR samples of respiratory tract swabs. Even if the results of a rapid rapid test are negative, the patient must isolate themselves for a minimum of 14 days. If during isolation the symptoms appear that lead to Covid-19, a confirmation check will be done with RT-PCR or if no rapid test will be repeated on days 7-10 (as much as 1 time).

This Rapid Test is free with the following conditions:

You are included in the patient at risk from the active search results of the community health center. Based on reports of close contact of patients who have become suspect (patients in monitoring - those who have symptoms, there is history, are waiting for the results of confirmation checks).
When you come to the health facility from the history taking (asking for history) and physical examination enter the Covid-19 criteria, it is determined by medical personnel.

If you take the initiative (especially without any symptoms, in a healthy condition) want to check yourself both RT-PCR and rapid test, of course you need to pay your own costs. Because for the time being the limitations of the tool make this examination free only for patients with conditions that match the criteria.

The main principle for reducing the Covid-19 outbreak is to break the chain of transmission. You do this by:

Physical distancing, minimum distance between people 1-2 meters
Avoid the crowd
Apply clean and healthy behavior
Stay at home only for the next 14 days, especially if you are sick. Patients with severe symptoms or medical emergencies are still advised to go to a health facility, but need to follow the following points:
Use a mask
Do not use public transportation
Avoid crowds of other people / patients - physical distancing
Wash your hands thoroughly with running water + soap

All patient therapy costs that were confirmed positive for Covid-19 are borne by the government. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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