The Cough Flu That Disappeared Appears And Does Not Go Away?

Illustration of The Cough Flu That Disappeared Appears And Does Not Go Away?
Illustration: The Cough Flu That Disappeared Appears And Does Not Go Away?

Tonight dokSya want to ask about the cough that I experienced since mid-June yesterday, coughing disappeared, depending on what I consume, one example I used to drink coffee and ice water, after consuming it I experienced a cough from dry cough to phlegm, also symptoms of sneezing, nasal pain and prolonged flu. Until early July, I took alpara, then in the middle of the month I was treated with flutamol, fasidol, and antibiotics. And now I am taking Ozen10mg. What should I consume? That’s all, thank you

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Hello, thanks for the question.

Coughing is the body's defense response to remove dust, dirt, or foreign matter from the airway. The causes of this cough are numerous, can be caused due to allergies, viral or bacterial infections, chronic airway inflammation, for example in heavy smokers (COPD, chronic bronchitis), heart and lung disease (heart failure, pulmonary TB, etc.). Coughs caused by allergies usually disappear and last for a long time, especially when exposed to allergens, whether in the form of food, drinks, dust, pollen, insects, and so forth. Cough complaints can be accompanied by sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, etc. and are usually not contagious. In contrast to coughs, colds, sneezing caused by viral or bacterial infections, which are usually easily transmitted to others and are accompanied by complaints of fever, joint pains, swallowing pain, and so forth. A cough caused by an allergy is caused by the body producing an allergic substance, called histamine. The main treatment of this allergic cough is to avoid the trigger factors. To ascertain the cause of the complaint, especially if the complaint is very frequent and disturbing, it is advisable to consult a doctor about the complaint, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination and additional examinations if necessary, such as X-ray examination, sputum examination, etc. as needed. Handling is tailored to the cause, if it is caused due to an allergy the doctor may give anti-allergic / antihistamine drugs, cough and cold medicines, antibiotics if caused by bacterial infections, and other drugs as needed. We recommend that you drink plenty of warm drinks, warm tea, warm orange juice, etc., eat healthy and nutritious foods, get enough rest, avoid cigarettes and cigarette smoke, meet fluid needs, and exercise regularly.

Thus, hopefully it helps.

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