The Danger Of Chicken Pox During 3 Months Of Pregnancy?

Illustration of The Danger Of Chicken Pox During 3 Months Of Pregnancy?
Illustration: The Danger Of Chicken Pox During 3 Months Of Pregnancy?

Good evening, I don. Having had chicken pox a week ago, my wife who is 3 months pregnant has been evacuated to another place since she learned that I had smallpox (a watery spot appeared) on the first day. My questions r n What are some precautions for my wife? R n (do you need a vaccine) r n r nHow do you know that the fetus is safe? R n r nIf my wife is not infected with ad signs of chickenpox, does it mean that the fetus in it doesn’t have chickenpox? r n r nThe chicken pox virus can last for a long time in air? r nWill my wife be able to regroup again after I recover? Or have to wait a few more days for the home virus to completely disappear? R n r nSorry for many questions .. r n r nThank you r nDon

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Hello, donoscar, thanks for asking

First, what you have to do is have yourself and your wife checked by a doctor to ensure the disease you are suffering from and ensure that your wife and fetus are safe. If it is true that you have chickenpox, then what you are doing is right, which is to prevent contact with your wife so as not to spread the chickenpox. A person who has chickenpox is highly contagious from 1-2 days before the appearance of the watery spots until they dry up (about 7 to 10 days after the spots first appear). So that after all the spots dry out, the patient should not be able to infect them again so they can come back together. If in doubt, confirm by direct examination by a doctor.

Pregnant women who have been infected with chickenpox before becoming pregnant can feel a little calm because the immune system already has a defense against the chickenpox virus. However, for pregnant women who have never had chickenpox, there will be a greater risk of being infected with chickenpox. The dreaded effects (although not always the case) on pregnant women infected with chickenpox are:

1. In the mother: lung infection (pneumonia) or brain infection (encephalitis).

2. In the fetus: If the infection occurs early in pregnancy, it is feared that there will be congenital varicella syndrome (a collection of symptoms due to smallpox infection in the fetus, the symptoms are: muscle and bone disorders, small head, seizures, paralysis, mental retardation). Infections that occur in the last trimester of pregnancy do not usually cause any symptoms.

What can be done to ensure the safety of mother and fetus are:

1. Checking the mother and fetus to an obstetrician to see whether the mother has immunity to the chickenpox virus or not. The doctor will perform a supporting lab examination (blood test) to find out. If you do not have immunity and you are in contact with people with smallpox, you may be advised to get an immunoglobulin injection. The injection is given a maximum of 10 days after exposure to the smallpox virus.

2. If the mother has symptoms of chickenpox, antiviral drugs will likely be given to reduce the severity and prevent complications.

3. Check the mother and fetus regularly to see their development. Monitoring with routine ANC (ante natal care) and ultrasound can detect any disturbances in maternal and fetal pregnancies from an early age.

Here are articles that can be read to add information:

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That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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