The Danger Of Children Aged 2 Years Consuming Food That Has Expired?

Illustration of The Danger Of Children Aged 2 Years Consuming Food That Has Expired?
Illustration: The Danger Of Children Aged 2 Years Consuming Food That Has Expired?

I want to ask? I gave a chocolate expiration of 1 month to my 2years but only a little. I wonder how? I just realized that it had expired 1 month.

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Food that has passed the expiry date is strongly recommended not to be consumed anymore, especially by children whose immune systems are still relatively weak. Why is that?

The composition of food that has expired can change so that it is no longer safe for the body, can even be toxic. Poor food storage can also increase this risk. Depending on the condition of the food consumed, how much consumption, the endurance of your child in general, and the handling done, the condition of your child can be dangerous, or may not. In more severe cases, after consuming food that has expired, children may experience vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloody bowel movements, bowel movements, allergies, or many other complaints.

If none of the above signs your child experiences, you really do not need to worry, because the possibility of his condition is not dangerous.

However, if the severe signs above you find in your child, you should immediately consult a doctor or a pediatrician to be given the best treatment, yes. Depending on the severity of your child's condition, the doctor will be able to provide various treatments, it can be sufficient by observation, administration of drugs, or even hospitalization.

At home, you should not panic first. Give your child more drinking and healthy food and balanced nutrition. Do not carelessly give children drugs without doctor's advice. Be more careful in paying attention to the condition of food and drinks eaten by children, not only the expiry date, but also its cleanliness, how it is stored, changes in color, taste, aroma, consistency, and so on.

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