The Danger Of Hitting The Chest When Emotions Increase?

Illustration of The Danger Of Hitting The Chest When Emotions Increase?
Illustration: The Danger Of Hitting The Chest When Emotions Increase?

I want to ask, lately I have experienced more sensitive emotions. Inadvertently when I was a bit restrained emotions, I hit hard on the left side of the chest maybe in the heart causing pain and a bit weak, what should I do to get rid of the aches and pains? Thank you.

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A history of hitting your chest when you feel a surge of emotions is a bad habit towards the risk of trauma to your body. Poor habits when you experience a spike in emotions can be at risk of causing side effects, such as:

1. bruises

2. swelling

3. muscle pain

4. risk of fractured or broken bones

5. nerve injury

6. skin surface

These things can also apply to other parts of the body if this habit is carried out on other parts of the body. Therefore, this habit must be stopped to prevent complaints of side effects that arise like complaints that you are feeling right now.

If at this time, the complaints that you feel are still bothering you, then you should do independent treatment by not repeating the habit, giving cold water compresses on the first day to the third; day four You can give a warm compress to the area of ​​pain. If accompanied by complaints of pain, you should be able to consume anti-mild pain such as paracetamol, especially if you have no history of drug allergy.

While complaints that you feel weak may be caused by decreased stamina, anxiety or stress that keeps pressing you, eating late, or lack of sleep due to stress that you experience. So that the possibility of complaints that lead to heart problems after a blow to the chest, the possibility is small, but still requires evaluation and examination to the doctor to make sure.

Therefore, consult with your family doctor or your internal medicine doctor for examination and evaluation of your clinical condition related to this complaint. The doctor will do a physical examination and supporting examinations if needed, such as radiological examinations or cardiac examinations. The doctor will determine the cause of this complaint, whether it is related to heart problems or due to other conditions such as muscle injury, bone injury, or the presence of a wound in the area of ​​the blow.

For now, you should start learning to control your emotions and avoid the habit of hurting yourself. This is very useful to form your emotional endurance and maturity in dealing with all the deficiencies or problems that you encounter.

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