The Dangers Of Chest X-rays While Breastfeeding?

Illustration of The Dangers Of Chest X-rays While Breastfeeding?
Illustration: The Dangers Of Chest X-rays While Breastfeeding?

.. I’m breastfeeding. Is it dangerous or not if I have a chest X-ray? Does it affect or does not affect milk production if exposed to radiation or light?

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X-rays, also known as x-rays, can be done for a variety of purposes. Especially for chest X-rays, this examination is usually done to evaluate health and detect any disturbances in the lungs, heart, bones, and other organs around it. Several diseases can be detected through this examination, including pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleural effusion, pneumothorax, enlarged heart, scoliosis, broken ribs, and so on.

Many mothers worry about having a chest x-ray while breastfeeding, whether it has the potential to harm a breastfeeding baby, or not.

According to various literature, chest x-rays can indeed cause disturbances in the small number of cells in the breast that produce breast milk. However, this effect is only temporary and does not cause permanent damage. Breastmilk production is generally not affected, either in terms of quality or quantity. In addition, the potential for the baby you are breastfeeding to be exposed to excessive X-ray radiation is unlikely.

It needs to be clarified first, what indications require you to undergo a chest x-ray examination? Did the doctor recommend it?

If the doctor recommends you to undergo the chest x-ray examination, then you shouldn't have to worry. Doctors certainly have considered the benefits and risks that may arise from this action. A good doctor will certainly only recommend an examination or medical action if it is felt that the benefits that can be generated far outweigh the potential risks that may arise.

Therefore, it is more appropriate if you consult directly with the doctor who recommended the examination or a radiology specialist.

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