The Dangers Of Ga / Can Infection Ga?

Illustration of The Dangers Of Ga / Can Infection Ga?
Illustration: The Dangers Of Ga / Can Infection Ga?

Afternoon doctor …. I’m sorry I asked LG, if I am a woman who is 30 years old got a hernia for the second time, because the first operation was 23-3-2014 cm manually tweaked. It continues to last cm 3 years, now herniany I relapsed again, then I just left it for 1 year u0026amp; not yet operating again Because I am still working, the plan is that at the end of December I will stop Krja and just have surgery after I have been working. When I feel tired, it sometimes feels a little sick, but it’s a little bit yes, and the problem with my defecation is still not a problem. I need to lie down, sometimes my hernia still feels like a lump in the groin, sometimes it’s flat, sometimes a lump back on my LG. I have a little pain if I need to hold it. The JD question is , if I leave it in December, can my hernia get infected or can it be more dangerous? Then if it arrives “I’m pregnant can it be more dangerous? Please answer me … Thank you

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Hello, thank you for your question.

A hernia is a general term used to describe an organ that presses and sticks out through the weakened muscle wall or surrounding tissue. There are several types of hernias that are most commonly experienced, including:

inguinal hernia, which is the sticking of the intestines or fat tissue in the stomach until it is felt as a lump in the groin. femoral hernia, which is fat or intestinal tissue sticking out of the inner thigh. herina umbilicus, which is fat tissue or part of the intestine sticking out through the abdominal wall near the navel. There are also other types of hernias such as incisional hernias, hiatal hernias, spigelian and diaphragmatic hernias, which you can read in full here. Treatment or therapy for a hernia is surgery. Patients who have undergone surgical procedures, still have to avoid some habits such as lifting heavy weights, standing too long or the habit of straining. This is because even though the doctor has returned the contents of the hernia to its original place, the risk of the hernia coming back is still very possible

So if after surgery and some time later the hernia occurs again, then the patient still has to go back to surgery to treat the hernia. This is because if the hernia is not resolved, there is a risk of developing intestinal disorders or obstructed blood flow.

So it's hard to say that it will be safe if you leave it until December. This is because the length of time the complications arise in each person is different. What you need to pay attention to is if the contents of the hernia are painful or digestive complaints arise.

The existence of pregnancy is considered to affect the condition of your hernia. so you should plan / postpone pregnancy first if you have not done therapy for this second hernia.

so hope it is useful,

dr. Barrel

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