The Dangers Of Pulmonary Stenosis In Adolescents 18 Years?

Illustration of The Dangers Of Pulmonary Stenosis In Adolescents 18 Years?
Illustration: The Dangers Of Pulmonary Stenosis In Adolescents 18 Years?

Hi Doctor, I have a question about Plumonary Stenosis. Can this disease cause death if it is only detected at around 18 years of age? And if it can cause death, what symptoms can cause death for sufferers of this disease? And how is the treatment also? R nPreviously, thank you Doctor.

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Based on the understanding, pulmonary stenosis is obstruction of blood flow from the heart to the lungs through the pulmonary arteries due to narrowing of the valve in the pulmonary artery (pulmonary valve). Over time, due to obstructed blood flow in the area, the heart will pump blood much stronger, so that if this happens continuously, there will be a thickening of the heart muscle, and it is possible that a condition called heart failure will occur.

Pulmonary stenosis can be a disease due to congenital abnormalities / congenital defects, but it can also occur from other diseases such as rheumatic fever / rheumatism, tuberculosis, malgnant circinoid tumor endocarditis, myxoma, sarcoma and carcinoid syndrome. However, in general, most of the pulmonary stenosis occurs because of a congenital defect.

The effect on pulmonary stenosis depends on the magnitude of the narrowing of the pulmonary valve that occurs. If the pulmonary stenosis is mild to moderate, it usually does not cause symptoms / complaints, and is detected when there is a noise in the heartbeat, when the patient is examined by a doctor but with complaints of other diseases (found incidentally). Whereas in severe cases sometimes without complaint, or for example, there is a complaint, then what you feel is excessive fatigue. As the disease progresses, usually right heart failure can occur, then there will be a condition in which a sudden fainting spells (but no sudden death such as in aortic stenosis), swelling, cyanosis / bluish lips and fingertips, and sometimes growth retardation in child. Usually in pulmonary stenosis other typical symptoms are found, such as a round face which is included in Noonan syndrome or William's syndrome.

To find out / assess how severe the pulmonary stenosis you have experienced, you should check with an internal medicine doctor or a cardiologist, to have a more complete examination of what kind of picture the heart and lungs are in you. Usually there will be additional examinations such as Rongten examination to see a picture of the heart and lungs. As well as an echocardiography examination to see the electrical condition of the heart which can be assessed how severe the abnormality is.

The treatment given is of course based on the results of the examination obtained, if the state of the pulmonary stenosis has caused right heart failure, then treatment such as diuretic drugs will be given, but if it is felt that the pulmonary stenosis is a severe pulmonary stenosis, then surgery to repair the pulmonary valve can be considered during the benefits are greater and the risk of side effects for sufferers is very small.

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