The Dangers Of Transgender Surgery?

Illustration of The Dangers Of Transgender Surgery?
Illustration: The Dangers Of Transgender Surgery?

Good morning doctor, I want to ask if there are any serious side effects if someone is transsexual from male to female and can the Adam’s apple be operated too? Is it dangerous to remove the Adam’s apple?

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Hello Nabil,

People who feel that their gender identity does not match their gender at birth are called transgender, for example a man who thinks he is a woman. This condition often causes psychological effects, such as discrimination or certain treatment from the surrounding environment for transgender people which causes depression and obstacles to daily activities.

A transgender person can make several changes to his body to make him become like a woman, either through hormonal therapy or surgery. However, it should be noted that so far genital surgery is not allowed in Indonesia because it is against the law, as is hormonal therapy for transgender people. Unless there is a medical condition, for example, multiple sexes from birth, then genital surgery can be considered.

In addition, the decision to take hormonal therapy and surgery to change gender should be carefully considered and must first be consulted with a team of doctors including psychiatrists and psychologists.

There are many types of transgender surgery and each operation may have several stages, for example a sex change operation which has at least 3 stages (the first stage is mental health evaluation, the second stage is hormonal therapy and genital surgery, then the third stage removes the testicles and penis, forms the vulva, vagina. , clitoris, and other additional surgeries such as breast implant surgery, facial feminizing surgery, and voice pitch-elevating surgery).

The Adam's apple is actually the cartilage of the larynx, men and women both have it, it's just different sizes. Male Adam's apple is usually more prominent and bigger due to the influence of the hormone testosterone. To "remove" the Adam's apple, the doctor can perform a reduction laryngochondroplasty surgery procedure, also known as a tracheal shave.

All medical procedures, including surgery, have a risk of complications. Some of the complications of genital surgery include:

Postoperative infection
Loss of genitals and body parts that were operated on
Disorders around the genitals, such as disorders of the urinary tract
There is the possibility of psychological conflict because this operation is permanent, if in the future you want to return to being a man, it will be very difficult to do (because this is the case for patients who want genital surgery to really consider carefully)
There are side effects of hormonal therapy

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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