The Dangers Of Untreated Tonsils?

Illustration of The Dangers Of Untreated Tonsils?
Illustration: The Dangers Of Untreated Tonsils?

Good evening, r n r nI want to ask a child about tonsil problems / inflammation of the tonsils. My child is only five years old. Previously my child was often inflamed, if I ate a little wrong, sometimes his voice was hoarse. That’s why I rarely give him snacks or sweet drinks such as glass tea, ale2 or the like. If he asks me to buy more pocary or solution. A week ago I checked my child’s condition to an ENT doctor, because the wax on his ear on the right side became hard like a rock, and the doctor examined the whole ear, nose and throat. For his ears, I gave him drops, then the doctor told me, if my child also has large tonsillitis, I also gave antibiotics for his tonsils. R nAfter 3 days I checked up again to the doctor to clean my child’s right ear, checked again In fact, the doctor said that the swelling of the tonsils on the right side was bigger than the left, I also saw that the swelling was bigger. The doctor said that if it was not an ordinary tonsil, it might be a tumor, the child should have surgery immediately. Imagine that my 5th child has to be operated on. r nIs it dangerous, for example, if I just leave my child without surgery ,? Is there no other way than surgery? The problem is that if I get a complaint, my child doesn’t sleep snoring, I will complain of a sore throat, for example, if he eats something wrong. R n That’s it .. Please explain .. Thanks

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Hello Suasti, thank you for the question for

Large tonsils can be caused by many possibilities. Tumors on the tonsils can indeed cause enlargement of the tonsils, but this incident is quite rare, especially in children. Other possible causes of enlarged tonsils include:

tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils), can be due to repeated infections, chronic infections, or allergic peritonsil abscesses (there is pus around the tonsils). examined under a microscope). If it is caused by a tumor, the first therapy that will be done is surgical removal of the tumor. If it is caused by a peritonsil abscess, the therapy will also involve cleaning the pus around the tonsils. Meanwhile, if it is caused by tonsillitis, it needs to be re-evaluated. If the tonsillitis is acute (enlargement does not occur for more than 2 weeks), then surgery usually is not necessary. If the child often experiences tonsillitis and recurrent respiratory tract infections, there is respiratory distress or swallowing problems due to large tonsils, there is sleep apnea, the doctor may also suggest surgical removal of the tonsils.

Whether or not it is dangerous, of course, depends on the cause. If it is caused by a tumor, of course leaving it without treatment can be very dangerous. The tumor can get bigger and even spread to other places. If it is caused by an abscess, it can also be dangerous because the infection can spread to other places, even to the brain and throughout the body (sepsis). If caused by tonsillitis, it depends on how big the symptoms are. If there has been respiratory or sleep disturbance, this condition can also be dangerous if left untreated.

We recommend that you discuss again with the doctor who treats your child for the best treatment options for children.

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