The Dangers Of Unvaccinated Newborns?

Illustration of The Dangers Of Unvaccinated Newborns?
Illustration: The Dangers Of Unvaccinated Newborns?

Night, my child is now 1 month old, I don’t want to take it to the midwife for immunization, but the midwife didn’t ask her baby when she was born, it was not vaccinated and it turned out that I contacted the hospital where I gave birth my baby was not vaccinated (with the reason that the vaccine was over at that time) and there was no notification at all to me, usually when in the hospital the vaccination is straightforward .. what I want to ask is the danger of not being vaccinated or what the impact is if you haven’t been vaccinated at birth.

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Vaccinations have the best age span to give to children. You need to confirm in advance the type of vaccine in question so you can see whether the vaccine can be given immediately without the need for other tests.

Because your baby is only 1 month old, it is hoped that delaying one type of vaccine will not have any bad effects.

In infants, the vaccination required is =

BCG, ideally given before the baby is 2 months old. Hepatitis B, needs to be given 3 times with an interval of 0-1-6 (in months). DPT, HiB needs to be given 4 times with an interval of at least 1-2 months (given when the baby is 2-4-6 and 18 months old) Measles, given when the baby is 9 months old. MMR, given after 18 months of age. Varicella is given after 12 months of age. For that, pay attention and consult with your midwife / doctor for the schedule of vaccines against your baby. Adhere to the existing schedule for optimal vaccination.

I hope this helps.

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