The Dangers Of Using Slimming Drugs For Weight Loss?

Illustration of The Dangers Of Using Slimming Drugs For Weight Loss?
Illustration: The Dangers Of Using Slimming Drugs For Weight Loss?

, umut I am 28th child 1 I have a diarrhea OCD (which is hiets) but my body doesn’t go down but it goes up I googling there is a slimming drug asking “slimgard” that I ask is there any side effects? Safe or not?

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slimming drug that you mentioned I do not know what ingredients it contains, as well as you can ask the drug seller what ingredients are contained and whether BPOM is registered. because many slimming drugs circulating are dangerous.

Weight-loss drugs have different mechanisms of action. Some work by inhibiting the absorption of fat in the body, influencing neurotransmitters in the brain to suppress hunger, or by accelerating the burning of fat in the body.

ingredients that are generally contained in various slimming drug products. These ingredients are thought to be effective for weight loss, but that doesn't mean they don't have risks. each drug has side effects that can be affected on the heart, liver and kidney organs.

The following ingredients are slimming drugs that contain dangerous ingredients: Siburtamin, Ephedra, Rimonabant (Zimulti), Phenytoin you should avoid drugs that contain these.

The risks involved in slimming drugs do not mean that you should avoid slimming drugs altogether. Products with effective ingredients that are classified as safe can still provide benefits if consumed with the following guidelines.

 check labels and understand risks: Always read the rules of use and side effects, especially if you have certain diseases. consult a doctor: Before taking slimming drugs, it helps you discuss it with your doctor first. In addition to checking whether you are overweight, your doctor may be able to prescribe diet drugs that have minimal side effects, especially if you are taking other drugs at the same time. check the list of BPOM In addition to many drugs circulating free slimming supplements that are claimed to be safe and can lose weight quickly. What you need to remember, there is no magic pill for weight loss. The most effective way is to consume healthy foods and low in calories and be physically active, one of them is by exercising regularly.

You should also consult your excess weight by a doctor so that the doctor can find the cause and provide proper handling and minimize side effects.

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