The Dangers Of Vaginal Head Lice?

Illustration of The Dangers Of Vaginal Head Lice?
Illustration: The Dangers Of Vaginal Head Lice?

… what is the impact of a head lice attack on the vagina or what can the lice enter the uterus

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Head lice can not only infect the hair of the human head but can also attack the hairy parts of the body, including the sex organs. Head lice on the sex organs are called pubic lice (Pthirus pubis). These lice are small parasites that can live in pubic hair and cause intense itching around the pubic area. These lice can survive by sucking blood around the genitals.

A person can be infected with this parasite from physical contact from someone who has been infected with lice or has eggs. In general, this occurs because of a sexually transmitted infection. These pubic hair lice can only live in warm, hairy areas. Cannot enter the uterus but what is feared is that there is a wound due to scratching due to itching which causes the intimate area to become prone to infection by bacteria or other germs which eventually infect other reproductive systems including the vagina. Because this lice infection is generally a sexually transmitted infection, it is best to consult and carry out an examination with a dermatologist and genitalia to carry out proper treatment and look for other types of sexually transmitted infections.

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