The Difference Between Late Talk And Autism?

Illustration of The Difference Between Late Talk And Autism?
Illustration: The Difference Between Late Talk And Autism?

Hello … I am still confused about talking late anklets from children with autism. My son, 2 years and 10 months old, doesn’t speak fluently. I have read a lot of articles about autism, but some are like my son’s experience and some are not. So I am afraid too soon to think my child has autism. Physically my child looks normal. But what has recently happened is that I saw my son just follow his words without understanding the meaning. Like when his grandmother said “goodbye afi ..” then my son replied with the same words. He was still confused about which mother was his grandmother and even his own name, he was confused when asked. Unless it is helped by spelling it. Example: who is this? (Points to himself) … he just keeps quiet. But if helped with spelling he can continue. “This is Ra .. Fi (he continued) “. Please explain. thanks.

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Hello Yuningrum, thank you for the question.

Determining whether your child has Autism or Speech Delay (speech delay) requires a thorough examination from the Pediatrician. This examination will later see how the growth and development of your child, and what causes this condition. It is very difficult if you only look at the symptoms that you write down, because these two conditions often have quite similar symptoms, but indeed speech delay occurs more focused on the child's delay in communicating with words and more often uses the method of pointing at an object or object. Usually by the age of 2 years, children can communicate with at least 50 vocabularies. Conditions such as lack of communication with both parents, or more frequent use of infant language when communicating with children can also trigger this. in addition, disorders of the ear can also cause this to occur.

Then autism itself is different from Speech Delay, where autism occurs due to neurological disorders that affect children's ability to communicate, interact with people around them, and behavioral disorders. The cause of this condition is not certain until now. Some of the symptoms include:

Sluggish speech development, or even the child cannot speak
Is unable to show his situation or emotional state to others, or is insensitive to the emotions of others
Little or no response when his name is called, even though the child's hearing is not a problem
Avoid eye contact
Less able to start a conversation or only talk when asking for goods or other things
The level of communication they have with other people is very limited and tends to be very focused on one particular activity. In addition, children tend to play with the same toys even though they have been invited to play with other things.

I suggest that at this time, if you are worried about your child's condition, try to take your child to a pediatrician. this is intended so that the child can be examined carefully and the handling is adjusted according to the dialmi condition. besides that at home, increase the intensity of meeting your child, because the conditions where both parents work and rarely accompany the child at home can also trigger delays in speaking.

Here are the articles you can read:

Causes of late Talking Children and How to Overcome Them

Hope my explanation can help.

Dr. Otniel Budi Krisetya

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