The Difference Between Menstrual Blood Loss Is Slight With Implantation Bleeding?

, I want to ask about my regular period every month on the 28th and usually it is 6-7hr clean. This month I had spots on the 22nd and the next afternoon on the 23rd, I had a heavy period. But why on the 26th my menstrual period was clean huh? Could that be a sign of pregnancy or not? Thank you

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Hi Artika,

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Many women often associate brief menstrual bleeding outside of the supposed menstrual cycle with a sign of pregnancy. This is actually not completely wrong, but also not completely true.

Some (not all) pregnant women will experience reasonable bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. This bleeding is often termed implantation bleeding, because it occurs as a result of tearing of the blood vessels in the uterine wall when the fertilization results are implanted. This bleeding generally occurs in a short duration (1-2 days), a small volume (1-2 drops) and without abdominal cramps that are severe enough like menstruation.

However, you also need to know, that bleeding outside the menstrual cycle as you experience can also occur due to metrorrhagia (irregular menstruation). Often, this condition occurs due to hormonal imbalances, for example due to fatigue, stress, using certain birth control, taking certain drugs, or experiencing a drastic change in body weight. It could also be that menstruation comes earlier due to a disease, such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, uterine polyps, and so on.

To differentiate between them, we suggest that you try to do a testpack first. If it is true that your bleeding occurs due to implantation, of course the test pack results will show positive pregnancy. When in doubt, you can repeat the testpack 3 to 7 days later. However, if the test pack results are negative after several examinations, then it is likely that the bleeding you are experiencing is part of metrorrhagia. This condition can be overcome by improving your lifestyle to be healthier, namely by taking regular breaks, consuming more vegetables and fruits, and exercising more regularly. However, if the recurring complaints continue for up to 3 months or more, then you should check yourself directly with an obstetrician for further treatment.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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