The Difference Between Ordinary Fever And Corona?

Illustration of The Difference Between Ordinary Fever And Corona?
Illustration: The Difference Between Ordinary Fever And Corona?

Excuse me doc, some days I feel dizzy, cough and sneeze, but not so intense and every night my body feels cold and nasal congestion and also my breath feels so heavy.

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Hello M Fikrul, Thank you for the question.

Fever is a response of the immune system when it has an infection in the body. Fever due to other diseases cannot be distinguished from fever due to corona virus infection. Corona virus infection itself has symptoms that resemble the symptoms of the common cold. In general, corona virus infection causes symptoms of high fever (38 C or more), cough, and shortness of breath. You could be suspected of having a corona virus infection if you have symptoms and in the past 2 weeks, have a history of traveling to another country with a corona virus case, living in an area with a corona virus case, or contact with someone who has a corona virus. If you do not have this history, then the possibility of contracting the corona virus can be said to be low. In addition, the symptoms that you experience can be caused by colds, strep throat, or bronchitis.

If the symptoms are relatively mild, you can do the following independent handling:

do independent isolation at home for 14 days and limit interactions with others
much rest
multiply the consumption of nutritious foods and multiply the consumption of water
consuming warm drinks or applying warm balm in front of the nose to help relieve nasal congestion
Avoid papara dust or other air pollution
avoid smoking
monitor your body temperature with a thermometer

In addition, some additional suggestions for you are:

always wash hands with soap and clean water or with a hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of at least 60%
avoid touching the nose, mouth and eyes before washing hands
apply good cough and sneezing ethics by covering your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing with a tissue then throwing the tissue into the trash
always use a mask if you have to leave the house
keep your distance from other people and avoid crowds

If this symptom does not improve for more than 2 weeks, or if it is accompanied by a high fever (38 C or more) for 3 days or more, please consult your nearest general doctor immediately so that the doctor can carry out further tests (including blood tests if necessary) to ascertain the cause so that it can provide further treatment. However, if you experience severe shortness of breath symptoms that make it difficult for you to move, please immediately visit the nearest emergency room so that your condition can be treated by a doctor immediately.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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