The Difference Between Sinusitis And Polyps?

Illustration of The Difference Between Sinusitis And Polyps?
Illustration: The Difference Between Sinusitis And Polyps?

morning, I want to ask what is the difference between sinusitis and polyps …? n nI went to the year and it was swollen .. nand felt pain in the cheek area and dizziness in the forehead area. n nthank you ..

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Hello An Bags,

Thank you for asking

Sinusitis and nasal polyps are disorders that occur in the airways, especially the nasal cavity, which are characterized by certain symptoms. Both of these conditions do have almost similar symptoms but of course it needs to be examined more deeply and the most important thing is to do a physical examination by an ENT doctor.

Sinusitis is an inflammatory condition or inflammation of the sinus cavity walls. The sinuses are the air cavities found on the cheekbones and forehead. Under normal conditions, air can enter smoothly and this cavity releases secretions or a little fluid as the purpose of moisturizing the airways. However, in inflammatory conditions there is swelling in this cavity, causing blockage, the secretions produced become retained and cause several symptoms. Typical symptoms of sinusitis are as follows:

Fever if the condition occurs acutely and is triggered by an infection either by viral, bacterial or other types of bacteria.

Headache. Headaches that are quite severe can be felt. In addition, pain around the cheeks and forehead can also be felt

The presence of breath becomes smelly

The nose feels blocked and is accompanied by a continuous discharge and feels in the esophagus.

While nasal polyps are conditions where there is abnormal tissue growth in the nasal cavity. This condition is triggered by repeated inflammation of the nasal cavity, for example in patients with allergies to dust, smoke or other substances. Thus triggering the abnormal tissue growth. Hding polyps are shaped like small grapes that hang and have a stalk. They also vary in size and cause symptoms depending on the size of the polyp. Polyps with a small size may not cause significant symptoms, generally a feeling like recurring colds and a feeling of congestion but not heavy. Meanwhile, polyps with large sizes can cause symptoms such as a feeling of congestion in the nose so that it is difficult to breathe, impaired smell or taste food, runny nose, and sometimes even difficulty breathing.

In your case sinusitis can occur but it does not rule out other disorders. If you have consulted and examined by a doctor, what you are doing now is running the treatment according to the doctor's instructions. In cases of sinusitis it can recur, so its treatment is like preventing the triggering factor. Whether or not you have allergies that need to be assessed, avoiding exposure to substances that cause these allergies, consuming adequate and balanced nutrition, exercising regularly, hydrating your body by consuming enough water and if necessary, routine influenza vaccinations if necessary.

That's all I can say, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Tiwi

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