The Difference Between The Common Cold And COVID-19?

Illustration of The Difference Between The Common Cold And COVID-19?
Illustration: The Difference Between The Common Cold And COVID-19?

Hello Doc, I have been experiencing flu symptoms for 3 days and I guarantee it is corona virus. Then what is the basic difference between the flu and corona virus? thank you

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Hello Bibil, thank you for asking at

I will try to help answer.

Flu is an infection caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory tract, generally the upper respiratory tract. Symptoms include fever, headache, nasal congestion, cough and runny nose.

Like the flu, corona virus also infects the airways, but generally causes problems in the lower respiratory tract, with symptoms such as:




Coupled with a history of traveling to areas affected by the corona virus outbreak or making physical contact with patients who are positive suffering from the corona virus. In severe cases, this corona virus infection can cause lung infections (pneumonia), pulmonary edema and even respiratory failure.

Where there are no positive sufferers who suffer from the corona virus, not necessarily there is no corona virus there. It could be a place that has not been affected by the corona virus or a healthy-looking person carrying this virus, it's just that the person's immune system is strong and doesn't cause symptoms, but that person can infect others.

To better know the symptoms caused by what disease. We recommend that you consult a doctor. Later the doctor will conduct a physical examination related to complaints that arise, and may even require additional examinations such as blood tests, throat swaps, x-rays.

If complaints such as high fever, severe coughing and shortness of breath, immediately take it to the nearest hospital to get further treatment.

Some things to do at home:

 Avoid activities outside the home Avoid making direct contact with others Use a mask if sick or about to leave the house Apply good cough ethics by covering your mouth with tissue when sneezing or coughing Hope it helps. thanks.

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