The Difference Between Throat Cancer And Internal Disease?

Illustration of The Difference Between Throat Cancer And Internal Disease?
Illustration: The Difference Between Throat Cancer And Internal Disease?

Hello dockter! I want to ask what is the difference between throat cancer and heartburn. R nPlease answer, yes dockter

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Hello Bremandaa Thank you for asking

Throat cancer is a malignant tumor due to the growth of abnormal cells, and it is difficult to control the growth of these cells that grow in the throat area. Throat cancer that grows will depend on the area affected, based on the area, throat cancer can be divided into three, namely laryngeal cancer, pharyngeal cancer and tonsil cancer. A cancer or this malignancy can spread, cancer can spread to the surrounding area or can also spread far through the blood vessels, for example in the final stages it can be found spreading to the lungs, liver, brain and so on.

Pharyngeal cancer itself is also divided into nasopharyngeal cancer, which is cancer that attacks the upper throat, oropharyngeal cancer is cancer that attacks the middle of the throat and hypopharyngeal cancer, which is cancer that attacks the lower part of the throat. throat cancer nasopharyngeal cancer is one of the most common cancers in Indonesia and most of the sufferers are male.

Symptoms that can arise in throat cancer are not the same for each patient, the symptoms that arise depend on the location and stage found, symptoms such as:

Painful swallowing to the point of difficulty swallowing
The voice of worship becomes hoarse, the voice becomes bindeng
Throat pain
Ear pain is often buzzing
A lump on the neck that doesn't shrink
Chronic cough
The nose feels like a congestion that won't heal
Bleeding from both nostrils
Weight loss without an obvious cause

Symptoms of throat cancer initially are the same or similar to other symptoms that are not dangerous, because it is often difficult to detect throat cancer. If you experience the above symptoms that are getting worse or don't heal, you should consult a doctor.

Risk factors or several things that can increase the risk of throat cancer, namely:

Consumption of cigarettes or other types of tobacco
Excessive alcohol consumption
Unhealthy eating patterns, drinking preserved foods, less consumption of fruits and vegetables
HPV virus infection

To determine cancer, of course, it takes several steps of examination starting from direct physical examination, additional examinations such as CT scans, and also biopsy examinations to determine the growth of the cells is malignant or not.

There is really no such thing as "deep heat" in medical language. However, this term is often used to describe a condition such as discomfort in the throat such as pain due to inflammation or what is called sore throat or pain caused by thrush is also often referred to as heartburn. Thus, internal heat is not a medical term and is not a specific disease.

If you mean sore throat due to inflammation of the throat or what is called pharyngitis, a condition in which the pharynx (throat) becomes inflamed due to infection, the infection can be caused by viruses or bacteria. In sore throat the symptoms that can be found are:

Swallowing pain
My throat hurts
Cough can be accompanied by a cold
My throat feels itchy

However, usually in inflammation of the throat the symptoms will gradually improve if treated appropriately, if the cause is a virus, it can usually gradually improve without special treatment. and if the cause is bacteria, usually antibiotic therapy will be given by a doctor. To distinguish the cause of the inflammation you should consult a doctor, in order to get the right and appropriate treatment.

Thus it can be distinguished that cancer is a malignant tumor where this tumor is an abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells that can endanger your health. And cancer is often not detected early because of atypical symptoms, but if you have a throat problem that doesn't heal, you should immediately consult an ENT specialist to carry out further tests on you. In conditions of inflammation or pharyngitis, no malignant tumor formation occurs, not normal cell growth, it's just that the part of the throat is inflamed due to infection, if the infection has been treated, the symptoms will disappear. Unlike throat cancer, which requires various stages of treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, and usually malignant growths can quickly spread to other organs.

So many answers from us hopefully useful.

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