The Difference In Nature When Outside And Inside The House?

Illustration of The Difference In Nature When Outside And Inside The House?
Illustration: The Difference In Nature When Outside And Inside The House?

Hello, I’m 17 years old. In the last few years, I have felt emotional, angry, even sad and felt down. I also often feel lonely even though there are many people around me. But strangely, it only happens if I’m at home. In fact, I often feel strange / awkward with my family. However, if I’m outside the house, I don’t want to fight with my friends. I am quiet when I’m at home, but if outside the home, I tend to be cheerful. That why? Or maybe just my emotions are still unstable?

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Hello Ken,

Thank you for the question.

Easily ignited emotions, anger, sadness, feel down, feel lonely, feel alienated, so it tends to be more silent when at home may occur when you feel uncomfortable with the condition of your home, for example due to parents who are often in conflict, experiencing domestic violence , poor communication with family, romantic relationships or unapproved educational plans, loss of loved family members, and so on. It could also, actually your problem lies within yourself, for example due to psychiatric disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, delusional disorder, personality disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia, and so on.

Even when outside your home becomes a cheerful person and is not constrained in interacting with people around you, you still need to be aware of your condition. Because, admittedly or not, your family at home is the point of your return such as when overwritten by a problem, when experiencing conflict with colleagues outside the home, and so on. Good or bad, it's often the family that can accept you for who you are. If your relationship with your family at home is not good with your complaint, then who will you lean on?

Try to consult further with your doctor or psychiatrist nearby. With his competence and experience, of course doctors are more authorized to determine whether your condition is still reasonable, or whether it includes psychiatric disorders. The following initial handling efforts you also need to do:

 Accept your family as it is, do not easily compare with other people's families Be friendly, treat your family members well, as you want to be treated When at home, gather with the people you care about and also love you, not too much being alone in a room or busy doing activities by yourself Help lighten your parents' work, don't add to the burden of their minds Make determination so that you can become a better person and be more proud of your parents and family Always introspect yourself, don't hesitate to admit mistakes (if indeed there) If you have problems at school or in the work environment, do not carry around at home Build interpersonal relationships based on honesty, no need to try to be someone else Do more relaxation, such as by doing hobbies, holidays, worship more solemnly, exercising regularly Get enough sleep Stay away from drugs , cigarettes, and alcohol. Hope it helps.

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