The Dose Of Consuming Milk In Adults?

Illustration of The Dose Of Consuming Milk In Adults?
Illustration: The Dose Of Consuming Milk In Adults?

, I want to ask. First I am the type of person who is very fond of consuming milk, both high calcium milk and the usual type, both powder and liquid. If it is provided, I can drink milk like 3-4 times a day snacks and if the milk is UHT milk it can be more than that. My questions: 1. I have teeth that are protruding, tall and thin, can drinking milk, especially high calcium milk, make teeth become more protruding and won’t make me fat? 2. Seeing the frequency of my milk consumption as I explained earlier, am I potentially having a potentially dangerous disease like cancer? Because I heard someone say that milk will not raise or fatten and can even lead to cancer3. How much milk should you consume per day or per week?

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Hello Rizky,

Milk is a product produced from various sources ranging from animals such as cows and goats or plants such as from soybeans or almonds. Milk itself is currently packaged in such a way that it can last longer and is more sterile, one of which is processed by Ultra High Temperature or UHT. The UHT process itself does not change the nutritional content such as milk fat and protein in milk drastically. UHT milk itself has a variety of nutritional content of each product which contains fat, carbohydrates, protein, sodium, potassium, vitamins and others, so it is important to pay attention to the nutritional value of each product.

The content of protein and calcium in milk does not make changes in tooth growth so that if you currently have teeth that are not well shaped and located it is better to consult with a dentist so that one can do repairs with the use of braces. UHT milk for each serving (250 ml) contains about 120 kcal calories which if the daily calorie intake is more than needed then it can potentially increase weight or create a risk of obesity. Milk alone cannot help increase height if a person has entered an age where growth stops.

For adults themselves it is recommended to drink 200ml of milk every day as a source of nutrition, but in addition it is also important to meet balanced nutrition from other foods such as rice, vegetables, fruit, side dishes and also supplements such as salt, sugar and oil. As for the truth of milk as a cause of cancer it is necessary to do further research because cancer is a disease that has many possible causes and the content of milk itself does not have a direct effect as a cause of cancer.

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