The Dose Of The Use Of H2O2 Liquid In The Ear?

Illustration of The Dose Of The Use Of H2O2 Liquid In The Ear?
Illustration: The Dose Of The Use Of H2O2 Liquid In The Ear?

Good afternoon doctor. I want to ask For the use of H2O2 liquid, how much is Reyes? in softening ear wax. Thank you

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Hi Elfi,

Thank you for asking

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a weak acid which, if used in the right way, can be beneficial as a whitening, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic. This fluid is often also used in the ENT (ear nose and throat) area, for example to thin the clogged cerumen, minimizing inflammation due to otitis externa, overcoming infections in the ear components, and so on. Not infrequently, the use of this fluid is also combined with other therapeutic modalities in order to get a more optimal effect.

However, despite having a myriad of benefits, the use of liquid hydrogen peroxide must not be done haphazardly. Because, the use of this fluid can also cause improper side effects, for example allergies, irritation, wound extension, to more serious side effects, such as stomach irritation, gas embolism, and so on. Therefore, in a free forum like this, we are not authorized to explain in detail the use of the liquid.

Our advice, if indeed you have a problem with ear wax, check yourself directly to the doctor or ENT specialist doctor to be given the best treatment. At home, you can also do the following trick:

Do not pry the ears with any instrument, including wires, matches, cotton wool, or cotton buds
Keep the ears dry and clean
Do not put anything in the ear (including water)
Avoid using any ear drops without a doctor's prescription

Hope this helps ...

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