The Drug Benacol Diphenhydramine Syrup 60 Ml Is Safe For Babies Aged 6 Months?

Illustration of The Drug Benacol Diphenhydramine Syrup 60 Ml Is Safe For Babies Aged 6 Months?
Illustration: The Drug Benacol Diphenhydramine Syrup 60 Ml Is Safe For Babies Aged 6 Months?

, want to ask again. My child is sick with a cold cough, yesterday I went to the general practitioner at home, and was given the 60ml benacol diphenhydramine syrup, and when I read the description on the medicine bottle, it was for adults and children 6 to 10 years, and drank 3 x 1/2 spoon. is it safe for babies ??

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Cough and colds are very common in babies and children. Most of these conditions are caused by viral infections and can resolve on their own in 5-7 days without the need for any medication. The administration of antihistamine drugs (such as diphenhydramine) to infants and children under 4 years of age has not been shown to be effective in treating cold coughs and has a greater risk of side effects than the benefits, therefore it is not recommended to be given.

However, your pediatrician certainly has his own considerations in administering the drug, for example if he suspects that your child's cold cough is caused by allergies.

Some things you can do to help reduce cold cough symptoms in children:

use a nasal saline spray to help thin the mucus in your nose and suck out the mucus with a special nasal vacuum. use a humidifier in the child's bedroom if there is a fever, you can give fever medicine such as paracetamol, give more drinks to the child (such as breast milk or formula or water if the child is over 6 months old) let the child sleep more

If indeed the cold cough does not improve within 5-7 days, you can take your child to the Pediatrician for further evaluation and therapy.

Here is a more complete article on handling cold coughs in babies

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

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